Is there any meaning to life? Is it a subjective answer? If yes, That means the answer is temporary until the next layer of deceit is uncovered. Since much of the deceit perpetrated on me and my natal family was uncovered in a few short years in the middle ages of my lifetime, I don't have passion for much else now. If I could I would rip the veil in one swoop, but I don't think that is healthy. Certainly, information is out there, but how are we to find it? How are we to make sense of it once we do? I want to know everything. I want to break the amnesiac wall, but I also know that the constructs I have put together, the workarounds, are in fact my only foundation. I can't kick it all down but I can redesign. That is what happened here when I went from Aerial Stock and Assignment Photographer to Fine Art & Art Decor Photographer. My only passion is my mission which will steer the public discourse out of as much MK (mind control) as I have already decoded. My alter ego, superhero persona is Ultra GRRL. She wants to talk and explore and heal and uncover as much, as fast as she can before she leaves this realm. She wants to create with no medium & with all mediums as a warning, a gift & a legacy But it all started here:


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Ellen is a photographer with fantastic skills. We had two vessels to shoot; both times, coordination and teamwork went flawlessly. Everyone here in the office loves your shots. An officer of MV Frauke recently dropped by and instantly asked for some pics.

SAL Heavy Lift Co. Germany

The display piece is fantastic! You said you would deliver quality and you certainly surpassed our expectations. It all seemed so easy; a couple of phone calls and a beautiful aerial photo arrives 4 weeks later. Thanks very much.

Crown Packaging, Richmond

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for the follow up!! We did receive the picture of our Shuswap house…and love it!! Thank you very much…so glad you were in our area to take pictures of it!!. As for all your questions…A+ for all of them!


I am so pleased with the aerial shot of Cowichan Bay that I purchased from you recently. It was a very simple process of ordering and it was received in a very timely manner. The finished product is fabulous! I love being able to see the birds eye view of our village and especially the contours of the estuary as it levels out in to the deep waters of the bay. Well done! Thanks again!

Rock Cod Cafe, Cowichan Bay

We were very pleased with how the pictures were taken and presented. We were also impressed with the detail and colour.

Howie Davis
Howie Davis Trucking, Ladysmith

Kruger Products hired Ellen Atkin Photography to take a number of aerial shots of our mill operation in New Westminster, BC. The photos turned out exceptionally well.

Ellen chose the perfect day to take the photos, they were delivered very quickly, including mounted enlargements and Ellen took all of the specific shots we had requested.

The photos were so spectacular that many departments throughout the mill requested plaque-mounted versions for their departments (they are hung throughout the mill).

Working with Ellen was a pleasure, she is very professional and we will definitely use her services again in future when new aerials are required. Great job, great pictures!

Deb Martin, Office Services Supervisor
Kruger Products Limited, New Westminster, B.C.


Collected Works at Principal Air, 30460 Liberator Ave, Abbotsford Airport, BC
All Year: Studio 2, Rotating displays at studio in Lake Errock, BC
Rotating Displays at Pacific Digital Arts Gallery in Aldergrove, BC
March: Selection in Virtual Group Show: 2015 International Woman's Exhibit; Women in Focus Atlanta
July: Temporary Exhibit, New Westminster Museum, A history of work on the waterfront
Dec: Coastal Cheam at Earthtacular in Mission, BC. temporary exhibit
Wall Size Mural, New Westminster, BC Museum, Canada, New build, Permanent Installation
November: Land Over - Large format aerial photo exhibit at Pacific Digital Arts gallery
Reclaim art piece at Impressions Gallery in Campbell River
Rotating Displays at Pacific Digital Arts Gallery in Aldergrove, BC
January: Baja Remembers, Playa Central, La Ventana, Baja Sur, Mexico
May: L Wall size painting of Amanacer panorama photo at Banditos in Baja Sur, MX, Permanent Installation
August: SOC Gallery in Blind Bay, BC
October: Margaret Falls, Earth Art Studios in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada
July: Arnold Mikelson Festival of the Arts, 16th Ave, Surrey, BC
April: Wall size photomural, Las Cascades, panorama at Baja Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Permanent Installation
December: Lucid Dreaming, Organic Connections, White Rock, BC, Canada
2001 – 2004
Curator & Presenter at Viseye Photo Gallery at Chef Bernard’s Cafe in Whistler, BC, Canada
Artrageous Group Show in Whistler BC showcasing the work of Ellen Atkin and her photography students.

Fine Art & Art Decor from Ellen Atkin Photography on Vimeo.


While pursuing information on her mother’s victimization through trauma-based mind control experiments conducted by McGill University, The CIA and a host of shadowy figures including Joseph Mengele, Ellen Atkin found herself, her mother and her father in old black and white media on the internet, all victims of the same project code name: MK Ultra. This show, Ellen Atkin’s first concept-driven art photography series, evokes sentiments both haunting and random. In 1985 Ellen lost her brother to an accidental drowning death near Port Carling, ON. Years later in a return trip to Toronto, she found a random symbol at the place where she last saw her brother alive. This work picks up the long stitch between the esoteric dream of life and the pain & suffering of being a hard targeted individual in the fake real world.


The sale of these works goes to support ongoing research into shining light into the darkest corners of our shared histories by exposing generational lies and deceit.