Ellen Atkin

I built an aerial stock and assignment photography business in the 00's and 10's in British Columbia Canada. I sold over 1/4 million dollars worth of large format aerial wall art pieces and commercial assignments. In 2018, I sold Vancouver Aerial Photography. My work now concentrates on concepts that drive the narrative concerning resolution of bloodline curses and mkultra. My first concept driven show, MK Ultra Girl Remembers, overlays found imagery of myself as a young girl the poster child for trauma based mind control on children and a random street set up.

Skipped Grade 4: Page in ON Legislature: Attended S.E.E.D. & Inglenook Alternative HS: English, Drama & Middle Eastern History at U of T: Electronic Desktop Composition Certificate, George Brown College: Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do: Photo Groups Facilitator: Instructor in Black & White Darkroom: Stock Photo Agent and Photographer: Business Owner: Award Winning Advertising Executive: Owner Operator Vancouver Aerial Photography: Public Figure - MK Ultra GRRL

I took darkroom and photography courses in 1975 & 1978 in Don Mills, ON. In 1980, I took a full time credited photography & darkroom course at, S.E.E.D School in Toronto. I studied conceptual art there as well.  I was part of an, obscured from history, social/music/art scene in the Queen St. East & West areas of Toronto in the only time it really mattered, the early 80's. I went on to work in all sorts of photo-inspired jobs & community work, which led to creating Vancouver Aerial Photography.  My future work attempts to pick up the long stitch between the esoteric dream of life and the pain & suffering of being a hard targeted individual in the fake real world.